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Face to face interview tips : 5 things you need to make sure
    InterviewIn person interview is the most important part of interview process for landing on a job. Successfully crack face to face interview is an art. I’ve 5 most important things listed that would help getting your dream job!

    (A) Always get in 15 minutes early for an interview. Never be late.

    Make sure you have driving directions or commute guide ready to get to the interview well in advance. Try to reach a few minutes early; not too early either. Never ever get there late. When you’re late, you already created not so good impression.

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    (B) Dress up professionally in reference to the role that you’ve applied for.

    Dressing up professionally will boost your confidence. The interviewer will have positive sense when you’re perfectly dressed up.

    (C) Seem confident and warm handshake

    Seem very confident in each interaction with the interviewer. Start with a warm handshake when you meet interviewer for the first time in the office. Don’t forget “confidence is the key”. On the flip side, you don’t want to seem over-confident either. Remember, first impression is the last impression!

    (D) Eye contact with interviewer

    When you answer questions, always make an eye contact with your interviewers. Eye contact suggests you don’t step back and are a genuine interviewee. It also suggests you’re honest with what you explain.

    (E) Thank the interviewer

    After you complete your interview, thank the interviewer for his / her time. Promptly mention that the role exactly fits in with what you’re looking as your next adventure. End your meeting with a very positive and pleasant note.

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